Executive Summary
• Business Overview
• Business Concept
• Goals and Objectives
• Founding Team

Market Analysis
• Industry Overview
• Competitor Analysis
• Target Market
• Marketing and Sales Strategy

Operational Plan
• Business Processes
• Technology Integration
• Supply Chain Management
• Sustainability Initiatives

Financial Plan
• Financial Projections
• Funding Requirements
• Risk Analysis
• Exit Strategy

Detailed Section Planning


Aivi Remulla
3D Designer & Tech Entrepreneur

WhatsApp: +63 995 534 9358
Email: aiviremulla@gmail.com

Aivi Remulla is a visionary 3D designer and tech entrepreneur who harnesses technology for innovative problem-solving. With expertise spanning Global Marketing, Jewelry Design, Architectural Design, and Game Development, his ventures leave a lasting impact, driven by a passion for creativity and cutting-edge solutions.

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