Aivi Remulla


Hi, I’m Aivi Remulla. An award winning artist/designer with a diverse background in graphic design, web design, illustration and animation.

He is a very good example of an ENTJ-A. He is goal oriented and ambitious, he can conceptualize the system needed for your company that could be the edge it needs against the competitions. He can provide a good support by making sure that all business process are aligned.

Aivi Remulla is an entrepreneur, an artist/creator, and a leader. He easily adapt to any work environment. He will make sure that your company are satisfied with the job that he and his team will do. The satisfaction of the company is also his satisfaction.

Entrepreneur, artist, designer, developer, writer, photographer and many more.

He can provide references if needed.

Because of his willingness to learn, he can be trained to conduct research, compile information and prepare presentations. He is good in public speaking. He can also be a spokesperson in your company, organizing press conferences and product launching.

You may contact him through his website


Aivi Remulla born in the Philippines, build his dreams from the TV Series “Knight Rider”, “Automan”, and “Airwolf”. He started sketching his dream home with computer basement, underground car park and helipads.

With his dream he wanted to work early with their family jewelry business. Unfortunately, he never permitted even he able to make a ring pieces. As a resort he started freelancing at age of 12, from accepting art projects like education materials for his school teacher, a street billboards for the local government, stage backdrops and decorations for school programs.

He also joined and won different art competitions from his primary to secondary schools, in and outside campuses. Thru his winnings, he enable to support himself from his personal growth and luxuries, such as art materials, video games, tuition discounts and travels.

With his talents in art and design, he does architectural drawings such as floor plans, vehicle designs, portraiture, and advertising material. At a young age, not knowing that he already made a living. His understanding of making a living that time was only trading such as with physical stores.


In College, he took Business Administration. Afterwards, he worked in a construction company, in a bank, in a computer store, in real estate while doing freelancing for printers, publishing companies, advertising companies.

He opened his own computer shop that eventually turns into a design studio, photography studio, and an advertising company.

He started a new media advertising company in 2006, which is also known today as digital marketing.

Due to world crisis in 2008, he grab the opportunities overseas. He worked with advertising companies, jewellery exporters, architectural firms, and holding companies.

Working in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan made him understand how to setup companies in different countries. It was quite a challenge though.