Autocad Architectural Reference

From the CAD fileI able to see all the measurement and dimension. The CAD file during the import/conversion process to 3D modelling, all the measurements/dimensions are removed. I must keep both applications open during the process until all 3D Models are made.

From here you are also able to predict the possible number of scenes need to appear in the animation. I able to provide a rough quotation, while the client and I agree for a budget and the type of animation the client would want to see.


3Ds Max Architectural Plan 3D Modelling

From here in the 3D Modelling process, I will do all the 3D Modelling requires mostly those 3D Models not available in the database. such as special designed furniture such as while the rest are from my database collection.

After all 3D Models has been made the Material application are also opened along with to see which models are available in the database and which are still to be modeled.

I have a vast collection of 3D models both in my hard drive and online. Those models in my hard drive are models that can not be easily be found online.

Based from the selection of the clients from the most popular interior design style and/or alphabetical list of popular interior design style, I will start modelling furnishings accordingly. For this project, the client chooses the Scandinavian Interior Design style.

Sketchup 3D Material Mapping

I seldom use this application for 3D Modelling. I only make use of this for the available reference online and for material mapping. What is material mapping? Material mapping is wherein I placed all the colors and textures for every model. I import/export back and forth with the 3D modelling to provide exact requirements. As an example, the material and texture of a door knob is different from the door. 3D model of the door knob should be different from the door itself.

From here it will be imported to the lighting application directly. With the proper material application, each model will be separated properly in the material lighting application, to determine which material should be glossy or matted.

Lumion Lighting Effects and Animation

From here, I able to add lighting and made a simple animation. This application simplify the process, Animation are prefabricated. Even life is simpler with this application, I need to go back and forth with the 6 applications.

Recreate models that are not good in the animation. Create materials and texture from the next application that are not available in the database. so on and so forth.

Photoshop Color Enhancement

I also use this application back to back with the material mapping. Not only for color enhance but also creating textures and materials that are not available in the database and online. As an example the paintings on the wall are specially created, where those paintings are available in my shop.

See link below to see the paintings available.

Paintings available in my website

After Effects Animation Compilation and Music

From here I add music, opening project logo animation and developers logo signature.