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Online Technology




Online Technology
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Technology Wars

Marketing Strategies

Direct Postal Mails to Local Businesses with Newsletters.

Bulk Email Marketing with Newsletters both local and international.

Online advertising such as Google and Facebook.

As an added value to our newsletter and promotions.

more from presenting our Elegant and sophisticated designs we will also discuss few engagement ring design information, for them to select the best suited design for them. We will also present our Diamonds in High resolution magnification for them to choose well before buying their desirable stones.

Currently we have business databases in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada, Hong Kong and Macau.

in USA there are:

11,000+ malls with emails

4500+ Jewellery stores

32,000+ Universities

while in Hong Kong:

112,000+ Assorted Businesses

inclusive of 33 Universities and Colleges

Herewith are the list of where in each country an average age of getting married.

Product Designs

Our Designs

Leading Brands and leading online diamond shops.

Website Designs

Our Lay-out

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Posters / Online Advertising (Google)

Our Lay-out

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Online Advertising (Facebook)

Our Lay-out

Leading Brands

Online Advertising (YouTube)

Our Lay-out

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Email Marketing Newsletter

Our Lay-out

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Our Lay-out

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added Values

Our Services, Products and added value information

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